About the process

Body art is increasing in popularity in the fashion industry. It includes tattooing, body piercings and oral jewellery. A new craze is sweeping the world…to really be glamorous, unique, and fashionable. Let your teeth dazzle with top-quality tooth jewellery which is painless, has no risk of infection, and adds a sparkle to your smile.

Types of Tooth Jewellery

Tooth gems are crystals of glass mounted on a thin foil of aluminium to create the attractive spark available in different colours’. Gems are clear and sapphire ,white and blue crystals, available in so many other colours too.

Tooth jewellery is available in 3 different colours crystal clear, sapphire blue, ruby red and is of two sizes – 1.8mm, 2.6mm. Some least expensive version of crystals are also available for tooth jewellery. They’re ideally for short term attachment, to try the new service in your practice or for the customer with a smaller budget such crystals are available in 10 different colours and two sizes (1.8mm and 2.5mm).