Botox has changed the way the world approaches aging. Surprisingly enough, it’s also earned great success in the fight against migraines and other health conditions. When over-the-counter “DIY Botox Kits” came on the market in 2008 and 2009, there was a surge to try it at home. This led to Botox parties, still popular in some circles, but there are some concerns with the at-home route.

Here are eight reasons you should choose a medical professional instead of trying this at home:

  1. Botox is not the cure-all you think it is. It doesn’t fill lines on the face. Instead, it actually renders a muscle’s strength for 3-4 months. This makes that muscle harder to contract, so the lines don’t show. Now that you understand what Botox actually does, you will understand why these next few points are so important.
  2. An unskilled injector can leave you lopsided. There are specific areas of the face that must be hit. If the wrong spot is chosen, your face could develop a lopsided appearance. Quality physicians have proven case studies with their own clients. An at-home party won’t have the same attention to detail.
  3. Overdoing it could lead to drooping, or worse. Drooping of the eyebrows and face can occur if too much is injected into one spot. If you’ve already used Botox in the past, this could compound the fact. There have been dangerous cases where an over-injection during a neck rejuvenation led to an inability to swallow or hold the head up. There is a reason the wait time between injections is at least three months.
  4. Results are not instant. It can take three to seven days to see results, and up to two weeks for the full effect. There have been cases in which at-home parties went wrong when impatience led to a Botox overdose.
  5. There are dietary restrictions you need to be aware of. Aspirin, fish oils, and several other medications can lead to large bruising and permanently interfere with the results.
  6. You have restrictions to your body as well, after an injection. Head has to remain up. No heat, no exercise. The time limits depend on your body’s reaction to the injections, but there’s a minimum two-hour restriction. A qualified professional will certainly warn you of the necessary restrictions before you go home.
  7. You could have an allergic reaction. Remember that Botox is a bacterial derivative of botulism. If your body has ever been exposed to this bacteria, you run the risk of having an allergic reaction. The signs vary from itching and rash to difficulty breathing.
  8. There is a black market for Botox injections. Most cheap injection offers don’t actually contain Botox at all, or worse, contain Botox that has expired or is about to expire. Remember, these vendors will get their injections from different sources. This is your face we’re talking about here. Quality over questionable ethics is the way to go. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. The solution you receive could be watered down (and potentially contaminated). A watered down version has its own risks that include traveling to other locations instead of remaining at the injection site. This could also cause extreme cases of drooping.

Use caution when you see offers on flash sale websites like Groupon. Would you trust Groupon to give you the best deals on cancer treatment facilities? Cosmetic procedures that offer potentially permanent changes to your body, such as Botox, are still medical procedures. You’re not ordering takeout. A mistake in the at-home treatment could lead to potentially fatal results. In addition, any money you may have saved could go right out the window if something goes wrong.

Your face is the first thing the world sees. Make sure you leave it the hands of quality professionals. You are worth it.

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